Control your Appetite with Almonds
By buxi | Quarta-feira, 18 Fevereiro , 2009, 11:34

I started this diet in September of 2008. I was 68,3 Kg ( 150 lbs) at the time. In the day i wrote this post, 18 February of 2009 , my weight is 56,5 kg (125 lbs). In other words , I lost almost 12 kg (25 lbs)

I am not a nutritionist, but i would like to share my diet that i build based on some medical articles that i found in the internet and books.

The diference between this and other diets, is that with this one i never felt any food cravings. It work with me, i dont know if it will work with somebody else, but it would be interesting to see the results.

Try it , and I sincerilly hope, that you achieve the weight you wish!