Control your Appetite with Almonds
By buxi | Quarta-feira, 18 Fevereiro , 2009, 10:10




1º Breakfast  :


Natural yogurt + Almonds+ fruit like avocado ( fruit with Low IG)+ whole rice cookie


Breakfast  :

Tea + Almonds or whole rice cookie



 Grilled Turkey or Beaf steak + whole Spagetti   ( a cup ) + Salad


Coffee Break:

Natural yogurt or glass of milk + Fruit like  apple / pear / cherries  or almonds



Grilled Fish + Whole rice ( a cup )


After Dinner:

Almonds or fruit ( low IG) or Natural yogurt





The yogurts cant be "light" because most of them have aspartame, one of the forbidden ingredients.

Do not jump meals, speacially 1º Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.


Eat always complex carbs at lunch and dinner, like whole rice or whole pasta or beans. Ocasionally you may eat just salad or just vegetables , but it the beginning its not  very recomendable.

Avoid very fat meat like pork and dont abuse on Olive OilEas seasoning.